I can tell you that so far I have been very lucky in my life. 

I graduated from  Hunyadi János Music Elementary School where I specialized in learning how to play the piano. Then I ended up in a technical profession, I was an interior designer for 15 years. Due to my mother's illness, later on I started studying natural medicine, especially ostheopathy. I have done it for over 25 years.

I have had several patents such as energy spiral, spine regenerator, ankle generating device, etc. Due to my work, I often kept studying the bone structure of people. I was observing the way it looked, the way it moved, danced. Obviously, we all look the same under our skin, regardless of what colour our skin may be! Naturally, this does not apply to our thinking and our religion, but I do not want to get into that! Then I came up with the idea that I should get a video made: I wrote the music for it, and my wife helped me a lot with the text. I am very thankful to our friend Dr. Zoar Zoli Gyarmati, who made the video clip and helped me with everything from the instrumentation to the translation. Special thanks to Viki and to the two HIP-HOP dancers, Krisztina Sajgó and Vivien Tóth. I believe all of them  provided a professional performance.

Thanks for reading and please share if you like it.

György Csapó

The Energy Spiral

Attention! The energy spiral is not clinically tested, has only been prepared based on my own experiences, feedback from numerous patients and on the recommendations of natural therapists and my studies. Unfortunately the Ministry of Health has rejected my request for clinical testing of my invention without trying it – as it belongs to alternative therapies. (Our correspondence is to be found under “Competition Bureau procedure”. I know positive effects on illnesses from feedback and experience only, they are not proven by official tests (as it is not possible).

You must be interested in the secrets of the pyramids, too. We can hear about them so many things from wonderful healings to “scientific” denials. Things might work even if we can not explain them – let us think for those for example who can carry a weight on their chest – the record is 90 kg! (it could be seen on television, too). We can not give a physical explanation for firewalking either, except that at 700 ºC your feet should get burnt but they don’t! In pyramids that have a certain angle the water does not get frozen, etc. I think everybody agrees that it can not be a matter of chance that the width of Pyramid of Cheops is 230 m and its height is 145 m, and it is precisely orientated. In opposite to a lot of opinions it was not a burial place but a place for initiations and the shape, the dimensions and the relations of each dimension to others etc. had an important role in the creation of yet unknown energies. There is no explanation, either, how it was possible with the technology of the time to deliver the granite blocks from a distance of 800 km, an to shape 2 million of different pieces of stone – and they had just 2 and a half minutes for each. There are a lot of paraphenomens who have waste energies and can heal with them. There are even more who just boast – it is unfortunately hard to tell the difference for the average people. That is why I was looking for an energy that works independently from human intervention, like the shaving blade sharpener pyramid that was patented in the 1950-s in Czechoslovakia under no. 91.304. It is true that the Energy Spiral has not such a high energy as a paraphenomen, but it is always at hand 24 hours a day, and it always works. There is no need to “program” by certain people, it is not depend from anyone, it just works nice and quiet. There has been several people on TV who got healthy in pyramids built in Hungary. As not everyone can afford to build a pyramid, and it is cold in winter and hot in summer, the idea came that we should bring the energy of pyramids into the homes or anywhere. The Fibonacci-spiral shape can be frequently found in nature, just think about the galaxy, the snail or the sunflower. If we concentrate the energy of small pyramids in this shape, unbelievable results can be obtained. Moreover, we can affect the rotation of the pyramid energies by the direction of the spirals. As a result of our recent research, we found the actual shape, color and material as the most effective. The energies of the spirals have been enhanced as a result of consultation with recognized and famous energy experts. It is not a coincidence that an energy enhancer has been built in certain pyramids, and the location of the magnets is not a matter of chance, either. Blue color, the spiral rotating to the right improves the female, yin energy, red color, the spiral rotating to the left the male, yang energy. These energies are known from acupuncture as well, where the origin of illnesses is lead back to a lack of one of these energies. Usage of the magnetic (blue) energy spiral is not allowed for patients wearing a pacemaker and pregnant women. Do not use it within a distance of 10 cm from televisions, monitors and instruments that are sensitive to magnetic fields. Do not forget that the energy spiral is NOT a heal-all. Please proceed with medical treatment or check-up. The energy spiral enhances our inner energy, and has got a positive effect for everything. It can be perfectly used as a supplement of medical treatment (e. g. it can shorten the duration of illenesses). One of its benefits is that it is always at hand, even if you travel or work. It is also suitable for prevention, let us just think about it, how easily someone with low energy level catches any illness. For the elderly it is especially important that the treatment is gentle and available at home.

Please place the energy spiral to the area that hurts. For optimal results use both at the same time. For energy enhancement place ideally under the feet when barefoot, but you can also sit onto it or lean against it behind the back or place it to where it is needed. Excessive use does not do any harm, either. If you have serious problems, use as much as possible. For substantial results use it at least an hour a day for at least 15-30 days. When you do not use it, put on it water or other drink in a plastic or glass bottle. It modifies the structure and energy of the liquid and you get a much healthier water which can be used for various purposes from watering the plants to cooking. A heat of over 60ºC can lead to a distortion of the spirals, e. g. in a closed car parking in the sun. Do not bend the disk in winter as it becomes fragile when it is cold. Wait until it gets warm and reaches room temperature.


I would like to emphasize that the energy spiral has not been invented for healing organs but for supporting the self-healing capabilities of our body by replenishing our energies and supplementing medical treatment. Due to a huge number of harms we endure these days, the resistence of our body has decreased and we do not have enough energy for fighting different illnesses. The energy of the energy spiral starts to work where the lack of energy is the most acute: at our sick organ. Everybody must have heard about wonderful healings, where the patient received natural treatment as a supplement of medicines. Major purpose of this is increasing our energies, too. Changing the lifestyle, diet and fasting do this, because if we decrease the digestion process, the additional energy can support and enhance our self-healing. Everyone knows that a glass of freshly pressed vegetable juice is very healthy, but a glass of it can not possibly improve substantially our health. Its everyday consumption, especially in the long run can produce wonderful effects. The same applies to the energy spiral: you should not await any wonder after just one occasion. If you want to just want to improve your general condition, sit comfortably and put your feet next to each other on the blue energy spiral. Normally you should feel almost immediately a sense of warmth or tingling that is getting slowly up the feet, but the feeling is different for everyone. Please use it at least one hour a day, but do not count on wonders from just one treatment.


We guarantee our costumers that they receive an original, new energy spiral with accessories. After receipt please inspect it carefully. If you find a crack or a breakage, please inform me immediately within a few hours and we replace it free of charge. We glued the blue energy spiral on the arched plastic back piece so that it does not fall, and its life-time is increased. The back piece is arched, so that it follows the form of our waist or belly. If you want to sit on it (because of prostate, piles or urination problems), you can only do it by detaching the wooden plate from the red spiral and put it under the blue spiral. (The plastic back piece is not strong enough to carry the weight.) Please only remove the wooden plate from the red spiral when putting it under the blue spiral, otherwise it always has to be attached to the red spiral. If out of use, do not put in direct sunlight. Store it in a dark place (under cover)
The energy spiral can be purchased in a package containing the following:

1 blue energy spiral glued to the plastic arched back piece, 1 red energy spiral, 1 wooden plate, 1 book, information, 2 pincers and 1 box

If you do not know these pincers: the chromed flaps on both sides have to be folded back, and you can open it when pushing these. After fixing fold it back so that it does not disturb. For improving the wellbeing put it under your foot or stand on it (it will not break) and maybe step on it. Certainly you can only do this on a hard floor or a thin carpet. If the carpet is thick, the wooden plate has to the put underneath. Please note that if you lay on your back at night and put the blue energy spiral under your waist, it raises your backbone and might cause back pain. That is why it is recommended to lay on your side and lean the energy spiral against your back. If your knee hurts, put the blue spiral under your knees at night, for toothache, headache or tinnitus under the pillow. If the spikes of the pyramid disturb you, you can put on it a thin pillow (of max. 2 cm), it will not have detrimental effects. If your pain gets stronger, use it for a short time at first and increase the time gradually, or put a thick pillow between the spiral and your body at first, and a thinner later. Please use it for at least 1 hour for each illness (the more the better), and because it is not a medicine, you will have to use it for at least 15-30 days in order to reach a result (for some people the effect can be felt immediately). It apparently does not have the same effect for everyone, but we are different. Please clean it with soap water at 40ºC under the shower using a sponge or a soft brush. Please do not soak.
Attention! There is always a trademark on the back of the blue energy spiral distributed by me.

I wish you a lot of success and a recovery!

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