Eperiences with the energy spiral

Attention! The energy spiral is not clinically tested, has only been prepared based on my own experiences, feedback from numerous patients and on the recommendations of natural therapists and my studies. Unfortunately the Ministry of Health has rejected my request for clinical testing of my invention without trying it – as it belongs to alternative therapies. (Our correspondence is to be found under “Competition Bureau procedure”. I know positive effects on illnesses from feedback and experience only, they are not proven by official tests (as it is not possible).

Dear Mr. Csapó,

I received on 1st December 2009 the energy spirals invented and perfected by you. I have been using them on a daily basis on the problem areas with great success since then. I used to work as a brick-setter for a state company where I had an accident. My spine got cracked, and I got a slipped disk between the 3rd and the 4th spondyls. After several months on sick leave, I got better and returned back to work. I was just 18 years old back then, so I did not think that this easily disorder will life-long. The time has gone by, there was more and more work and the pain returned often. In Simmer 1992 I got so ill that I could only return to work after six month. I undertook lighter work, because I thought that might help, but unfortunately I was wrong, because after a few years the problem came back and the doctors could only recommend an operation. I just said thank you for the proposal and rejected it. Beyond that I got two slipped disks in my neck and the joints in my knees got worn, too. I tried every possible cure provided by the hospital but the treatments only relieved my symptoms for a short while. Then the pain returned. After that I got to know the healing power of herbal extracts which I consumed for 6 years on a daily basis. It helped me a lot but my health did not return completely. I was very happy when I saw on TV the energy spiral invented by your. This healing energy really works very well. I could not even dream of running earlier, but I can run 100 to 150 meters without any effort and pain now. I trust that this distance will increase with time and daily workout. I do not know how to express my gratitude to you for finding the cure which lets me forget the suffering of several decades that I do not wish for my enemies, either.


I thank to GOD that such a good man was born in the little HUNGARY and works for the health of Hungarian people.


God bless every step of yours.
Yours sincerely,


Károly P. from Csobánka
17th 02 2010

I speak with pleasure about the energy spiral. It has helped me a lot and I can tell that it opened up a new era in my life. Not only had I become more energetic but it relieved the pain in my lower back. I unfortunately fell asleep when driving, I had a car accident where my spine got broken. I could be only saved by growing three spondyls together. But at the lower back where it moves it hurt all the time because of the heavy load. I put the crystals for the stomach chakra into the blue spiral and I put it into my mattress. Then I lay on it so that the centre of the spiral is at my lower back. I put the red spiral opposite onto my stomach. Within a few minutes, I can feel the effect. As I get charged, I feel warm, have muscle twitches at the thighs and stomach, and it might even increase sexual desire and potential. One thing is sure: the pain in my lower back is gone, what is a great thing as I can live a whole and happy life. I am very grateful to Mr. Csapó, the inventor for the energy spiral and to those who invented the pyramid.

Yours sincerely:


H. Jenő
Budapest, 03. 10. 2013.

I have been fighting with back problems for a few years (I am 25 years old). When it is stressed – that can be a wrong movement when carrying a weight or being in a wrong position for a longer time – I can not get rid of the pain for days. When I started using the energy spiral, I put the red one under my head, the blue one on my stomach when sleeping. I prefer to sleep on my stomach, so I thought, what can it hurt if I put the blue one on my back and go to sleep like that. The reaction of my body was surprising: it was as if some invisible power had pulled my legs and I had the feeling that the muscles that react to stress with pain, get considerably lengthened. Since then I feel all right, thank you.


Zita S.

My little son (5 years) was vomiting and had urticaria all over his body. At night when he was asleep we put the red pyramid to his head, the blue one to his feet for 15 minutes. In the morning there were only traces of the urticaria on his body. Our daughter (1 and a half years) had a cold, we put in her bed the red pyramid to her head, the blue one to her feet just for 5 minutes, and we saved her from unnecessary medicines. There are very ugly varicose veins on my feet and they hurt very much in the evenings. When I use the spiral I have the feeling as if something crackled or moved within my feet.


Sz. Tné Ircsi

I have deep vein thrombosis at the knee-thigh area. I tried several methods (medicines, chi-machine, imposition of hands) for several months, but none of them relieved the pain. The usage of the spiral stopped the pain within 1 or 2 weeks. I put the blue spiral beneath the knees, the red one on top of the knees for about an hour – depending on how much time I had. The pain increased first, then it gradually decreased. I can regulate my period with it, too. I put the blue spiral on my stomach, the red one on my lower back, but it works in the opposite way, too. My neck hurt, I put my palms on the spiral, and the stress in my neck and shoulders disappeared. I treat the water with it regularly as well.


As I had very good experiences, I bought it to my aunt as a present. She had a lot of problems, she is 70 years old. She had problems with her knee joints, could hardly walk, was physically weakened, and very sensitive to changes in weather. After only a few days of using the spiral, she felt much better, she enjoys going out, and she even dances at the pensioners’ parties. She is very grateful for this.


Lné Ibolya

I gave the disks to my mother first as her knee hurt very much and she was limping. She used them for an hour a day for 2 weeks, she put the blue one under her feet, the red one on her knees. She felt a tingling sensation in her feet, and her knees have not been hurt ever since. After such a good result I would have felt sorry for her if I took them from her, so I bought my own spirals. I tie both of them with a scarf on my waist when mowing the lawn, so I work happily without getting tired. I also put the blue one under my feet and the red one on the top of my head for charging.


Pné Kati

My mother is 74 years old. She has been rheumatic and had joint problems since the age of 30, she could only walk with two sticks even in the kitchen. She had incontinency for 2 years, she could not do without a diaper any more. I only brought the spiral to her after hesitating for 3 weeks for trying. I was afraid that she sends me away with it, as she has not ever accepted any help. But to my surprise she accepted the energy spiral immediately. She got better only after 3 days, during that she has been using it for 1-2 hours a day. She did not need the sticks for walking within the flat anymore. After using the spiral for 1 or 2 weeks, she did not need the diaper anymore, either. She can now even go to the gate (garden house) without sticks. This is already a wonder! I am grateful for it.


Zsuzsa R.

I bought the spiral because of hurting hemorrhoids. After just 2 days, I felt I become more energetic. I was sitting on it for several days. I did not even think about it that the enuresis stopped because of that. We only notice the pain easily, if something got better, it does not stick out because we consider it normal that the harmony returned.


K. Ferenc

Both of my hips are operated, I wear a prosthetic implant. I put both spirals on both hips, but I felt an unendurable pain an I did not dare to use it again. My acquaintance who gave me the spiral told me not to be afraid, as after such a serious surgery the energy stream is completely disturbed. That is why I should not put it immediately on my hip, but I should regulate the energy stream in my whole body first. I should put the blue spiral underneath my feet and the red one on the top of my head. It was a very good feeling, nothing hurt, so I could use it without any problems. When I had hepatic colic, I put the blue spiral on my stomach, the red one on my waist, and the colic stopped. When I had a cold, I put the red one on the top of my head, the blue one on my face and I felt how the phlegm passes. When I had a pain in my lower back because I carried a heavy weight, I put the blue spiral on my back and the red one on my stomach and it got better, I could fall asleep. I always feel bad when it is very windy or the weather changes. Now there is nothing wrong since I have been using the spiral regularly. Thank you very much.


B. Iné I

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