I have been dealing for a year with the energy spiral, the spiral created from the exact, reduced-scale models of the Cheops-pyramid for a year. This device connects the (right or left) energetics of the spiral with the form resonance of the healing pyramid and the color therapy opportunities of the spectrum. Based on my experiences its usage is recommended for people with physical-spiritual-mental imbalance (disharmony). Disturbance of “holistic” balance leads to illnesses. The energy spiral can be used generally for illnesses as a supplement of medical and paramedical treatments according to the package insert. The device does not have any side effects that are harmful to health.

Budapest, 29th Apri 2003

prof. dr.  Szilveszter Török
Association of Hungarian Paramedicals, President

I have been requested by György Csapó to study the effects of “energy spirals”, to do energetic measurements. I have been preparing it since the preparation of the final version, and I recommend to everyone who need the balancing, maintenance of their inner energy levels regularly at home. Beyond the maintenance of inner balance, it is perfectly suitable for relieving pains and along with crystals, strengthening their effects for enhancing certain physiological functions.

I recommend its usage for every family member because it provides substantial help through the creation of the inner harmony in prevention and protection against infections. The usage of the device is recommended for everyone, despite of age or sex.

Budapest, 03. may 2003

László Árendás
member of the Hungarian Registry of Experts
Bioenergeticist, lifestyle-consultant and therapist

The healing power of the pyramid

As a result of the pyramid energy, the solubility of water increases. It has got a huge physiological effect. It dilutes harmful products of metabolism from tissues and cells. The feeling of thirst is decreasing with age, and for a lot of people it completely disappears at the age of 50 or 60. Instead of this a hunger appears, that is why they start crunching instead of drinking water. That is why a lot of harmful metabolism products accumulate in the body.

In an older age the structure of water is getting more and more important. The molecules of water are getting connected, “embrace each other” and structures are created which can not penetrate the cell membrane. In a younger age, the body has got a cell potential enabling to split the molecules from this cluster. In an older age, though, there is not enough electric activity for splitting the molecules. The field of force of the pyramid helps doing this.

Do not forget that the human body contains 73% of water. The brain almost 90%.

If we do not drink enough water, there is nothing to clean the cells. Sometimes the water can not penetrate the cell membrane due to its structure, even if we drink enough. These can be possible reasons for different illnesses. The water treated in the pyramid converts the water molecules in a structure that penetrates easier the cell membrane.


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Wishing you a good health,

József György Kiss

okl. villamosmérnök

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